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outsourced law firm bookkeeping service

The goal of bookkeeping is to have an accurate picture of your current financial standing. For example, you might think you have plenty of money in the bank and buy a new computer before realizing you forgot to record that check to the court reporter. Or, you might lose track of critical transactions that affect your taxes. First things first, bookkeeping and accounting aren’t the same things. Although they share a common goal, they occur at different stages of managing your firm’s finances. Bookkeeping happens first and relates to the administrative side of tracking your cash.

This allows you to redirect your internal staff and resources to supporting higher-value, revenue-generating core business functions. Our team stays current with the latest technologies and the evolving accounting practices they enable. For our clients, this means that leadership can focus more attention on the strategy, growth, and development of core operations while having access to talents and expertise required to achieve your strategic vision.

Month Profit and Projection

We offer strategic tax planning solutions that will ensure that will minimize your tax liability . Having constant cash flow ensures operational efficiency, in which accounts payable (AP) plays a significant role in building a company’s credibility and success. Are you receiving money owed to you by clients on time, and do you pay your creditors on time?

Because we work with a number of law firms, we can often propose solutions that are working with other firms. Whether it’s about accounting software, taxation, or, any other matter, you’ll have an experienced accountant and financial advisor in your corner helping you navigate the best path forward. You don’t necessarily need accounting software or a professional bookkeeper to handle your law firm bookkeeping.

Impact of Tax Reform Changes

In such a scenario, a bookkeeper proves to be a great help to the business. Outsourced bookkeeping services enable the owners to stay focused on their core business activities while boosting their overall business growth. All sorts of industries partner with an outsourced bookkeeping service rather than appointing an accounts team to work in-house. With a main point of contact who is there to understand and dissect your needs, you’ll also have an entire team at your disposal that can provide a complete suite of outsourced services and flex to your situation. In fact, the right strategy includes multiple people, services, and technologies to help address the challenges you’re facing.

outsourced law firm bookkeeping service

Using key performance indicators will help you know sooner if you’re on track. Many small firms find that outsourcing their bookkeeping functions is a great first step in delegating work off the owner’s plate. Hiring myself as a bookkeeper would be an expensive waste of resources.

Why Your Law Firm Should Outsource Bookkeeping

We know that time and money is everything for busy business executives. provides a dedicated team of accounting professionals to suit your business needs. This team consists of a full-charge bookkeeper, an accounting software specialist, and an accounting manager or controller. D&V Philippines is a premium professional services firm catering to the finance and accounting requirements of small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs), CFOs, accounting services, and locally-based shared services centers. Recording all revenues and expenses when they happen is much easier with accounting software as it connects to your firm’s bank account and automatically records and classifies all transactions. You can also invest the time saved in high-margin revenue generation activities and focus your attention on advisory services.

  • The best way to mitigate this risk and ensure accuracy is to hire a trusted professional.
  • Make one mistake when recording your debits and credits, and your entire balance won’t add up.
  • Bookkeeping also aids in tax planning and compliance, ensuring financial transparency and facilitating better strategic decision-making for the success of their legal practice.
  • With outsourced accounting services, once everything is set up, your involvement is pretty minimal.
  • When you take funds out of your business for personal use, it can either be classified as a capital withdrawal or as a payment for salary.
  • Quickbooks is still the leader in accounting software, making it a reasonable first choice for lawyers.
  • This post is to be used for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, business, or tax advice.

We use Quickbooks for law firms and provide top bookkeeping services for law firms in Irvine, including managing IOLTA accounts and ensuring compliance with bar rules. With years of experience, our bookkeeper law firm offers accurate and timely law firm billing to help your business run efficiently. This will free you up to focus on navigating to the best possible outcome for your clients with confidence that your law firm is managing its financials effectively, from payroll to expenses and invoices. You will also steer clear of the frustration that comes with trying to manage every aspect of your firm’s operations — a choice that can lead you to burnout and potentially even lost revenue. offers client accounting services for businesses with between $2 million and $100+ million in annual revenue.

And the security in your ability to satisfy Trust/IOLTA compliance, along with the financial reporting to make informed decisions. You need an accounting partner with industry expertise and applied knowledge, and at Lescault and Walderman, your satisfaction is our benchmark for success. Professional bookkeepers use top-of-the-line accounting software to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and organization. While there are dozens of accounting software programs out there, we recommend using either QuickBooks (if you’re located in the U.S.) or Xero (if you’re located outside of the U.S.). With the right virtual team of healthcare bookkeepers in place, managing day-to-day transactions become quite easy. Healthcare bookkeepers have the industry knowledge and expertise, which enables them to stay compliant with the accounting standards as well.


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